The objectives and principles of this association are aimed at minimizing the social difficulties that this population faces demarginaliziranjeto of disabled people from every social sphere, with one aim to build strong personality that will effectively use their potentials.

However, the main aim of this association is to ensure full life of persons with disabilities and actively participate in all aspects of social life.


“Living Heritage Program” – woodcarving workshop for youth with special needs, part IV (part-this fourth phase is fully funded by the German Embassy in Macedonia) (2011-2012).

In The framework of this organization since March 2012, persisted eponymous educational center, relaxation and rehabilitation, including: creative workshops (ethnic, art, music), basic knowledge of working with computers, and all the necessary individual and group therapies for children and youth with special needs. For smooth functioning of this center requires maximum commitment and a lot of energy, which fortunately have all those who are somehow involved in the work of this center.

On 26 and 27 September 2013 in Skopje, our organization independently organized and conducted an educational seminar on the topic “Prompt and proper detection of developmental disorders in children between birth and six years of age.” At this seminar, as lecturers were prominent experts from different areas such as neuropsychiatry, pediatrics Psychology, Speech Therapy and Special Education. It was greeted with great enthusiasm to the audience for which it was intended, and that were educators from kindergarten, psychologists, speech therapists, teachers in class teaching and other staff who is directly involved in working with children in specific age.

In the future, our organization plans to organize this kind of seminars in other cities in Macedonia.