Official name in full: Association for the rights of children and young people with special needs “SWALLOW”

Short name: Association “Swallow”

Official legal form: NGO

Legal registration number: 1437

Year of establishment: 2002

Address: Blvd: Jane Sandanski no. 35-5/1

Postal code: 1000

City: Skopje

Country: Republic of Macedonia

Our organization is a type of organization that not only promotes the rights of children and young people with disabilities, but it’s a nest of people full of enthusiasm and fighting spirit. These people have a very clear idea, and just one cause- bringing people with disabilities closer to the real meaning of the phrase enjoying life with in all aspects.

This is proven with our rich background of many completed projects and a long list of associates and donators, without them, our everyday battle would be meaningless and very hard.

Existing for over a  decade, since the  2002, we were the pioneers in introducing preschool education in two special schools  for mentally retarded children in Skopje- two classrooms fully equipped with all the necessary conditions to start the process of preschool education of this children, provided with the help of the German embassy  in Macedonia and the Ministry of education;

Also we have organized various creative workshops all over our country. Crafts were presented and published within the Anthology named “Me and my crafts “.

Our greatest achievement is organizing and caring out the project that is called “The program of living inheritance “-Xylography workshops for youths with special needs, part   I. II, III (this project has being fully financially supported by the Ministry of education  of the R. Macedonia), The fourth part is being  fully financially supported by the German Embassy in Skopje and still taking place in our workshops . A great deal of this crafts was exposed at the Christmas bazaar last year, which German Embassy in Skopje organizes every year.

All the activities are realized in our Centre for Education Relaxation and Rehabilitation- CERR “Lastovica” and they include : creative workshops (ethno, art, music ), basic knowledge of computer work  , and all the necessary individual and group treatments held by experts.

We were witnesses, how all of our activities have contributed for people with disabilities to find their own part in this society, assuring them that they are capable of doing many things, and work out their way through life.